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PE Hangouts begin!


Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.44.50 PMSo, PE doesn’t always get a good rap – are we all just “jocks” who run around and get amazing sun tans? or are we mis-understood because we wear shorts and sometimes flip flops to school each day?  Possibly…

However there are a number of PE teachers in the region who are keen to discuss issues that come up in our line of work – I wanted to create a PD network for me with other teachers in simliar schools or trying to work on similar issues within PE and Health and so we have decided to share our conversations with others in the hope that we can connect to other’s and share the PE love!

I am excited to share our first PE Hangout, this is more about introducing the panel – Mr Ken Forde, Mr Alex Thomas, Mr Jarrod Robinson (AKA Mr PE Geek), (Mr Blake Kampen who was missing today) and myself.  We are hoping to Hangout once a month or so and share our thoughts on curriculum, performance work, dealing with facilities, timetables, nasty weather, coaching, the stigma of  being a PE teacher and how tech is changing the subject we all love.  We hope to invite in others who have expert knowledge or who are interested in sharing along the way.  Let me know if you have any burning questions or have a passion about a topic and would like to share too.

Happy viewing.

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