Originally from Canberra, Australia, I have been fortunate to work in China, Japan, UK, Tanzania, Vietnam and Australia for the last 15 years. I have worked in the Elementary, Middle and High School as a Science and Physical Education teacher and mostly in the International Baccalaureate (IB). After 7 years at UNIS Hanoi, and 3 years in Yokohama, it was time for new challenges!

In 2016 we made the jump to Beijing to the International school of Beijing (ISB).  I have moved in with the MS PE department and am enjoying working with very energetic people.  This is the biggest school I have worked at, with over 1600 students from Pre-K to G12.  My husband is working as the Ed.Tech Coordinator and our children are in Grade 1, 3 and 6.

I am a runner and love training and racing and am looking forward to new events including Triathlons and new distances in China. I have been very involved in setting up the running scene in Hanoi and am hoping to be involved in the athletic community in Beijing too.

I am a believer in Blue Dragon Children’s Fund (www.bdcf.org) who do amazing things in Hanoi and Vietnam, I am hopeful that we can stay connected when we move to Japan and continue to fundraise and work to support the ongoing work in advocating for children’s rights.

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