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Big Problem by Brett Jordan licensed CC BY


Earlier in the year we were asked to join up with other like-minded teachers and work on a Collaborative goal (alluded to in my Processes post).  I knew that I really wanted to work on raising the scope and practice of Tech on PE but in my enthusiasm I believed that we could move much further ahead then we were able to.  We are a PC 1:1 school and in using our tablets it was made clear that there wasn’t money or support to allow us to use ipads at school.  We begged ,pleaded, wrote more forms and sort meetings, but to no avail.  However, we did get to discuss a range of other tech ideas and to trial some ideas and get some discussions rolling and so I believe we have more support to try again next year.  In the meantime my supportive Tech fan husband has now bought us an ipad3 so that I can start my own trial on my own ipad in my classes next year and start to really look at what is available to me as a PE teacher as I grow in my tech confidence.

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