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I find that I ask students to reflect on their learning very regularly and try and ask them to think about this on so many levels and from different viewpoints but I haven’t really put all my ideas or learning down in a forum where I can draw from it with ease… so I want to try and do that over the next few weeks.  No doubt it won’t be as well-done as some of my student works, but it is important to start.

Schools work slowly – it takes time to have your new ideas approved and as the idea goes further up the chain I find that it takes longer for feedback to trickle back again.  I feel that this is a frustration and ensures that new ideas are not as readily accessed or shared as people become frustrated at the time it takes for answers or for further questions to be addressed.  I realise that there has to be a process and can see some of the needs for this process – but why create processes that limit creativity and discussion?  I had hoped to be further ahead then I am in fact my 12 month R&D into technology in PE and I have found that my enthusiasm and interest has been steadily squashed by the school processes and has now been extended back to 2-3 years due to limitations with admin and tech at our school.  I worry about where that puts us in terms of comparison to other International (and Govt/Public) schools and also our own professional development as I feel I am falling behind in terms of enhancing my understanding of how to use technology to give back/assess/inspire and share the tech explosion that is happening in PE in greater ways to my students.


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