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Student Reflections

UNIS Hanoi is an MYP school and in the PE department we work to assess students under four criterion:

  1. Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding
  2. Criteria B:Movement Composition
  3. Criteria C: Performance
  4. Criteria D: Personal Engagement

These criteria are set by the IBO and we modify them so that they are task specific for each unit/grade that we teach.  The one that gives our department the most anxst is Criteria D.  There are four strands within the criteria, and we are supposed to have assessed our students on all 4 by the time they leave G10 but this requires scope and sequence to ensure that students will be successful in all 4.  They are:

The debate that we are having in our department is how many of these can be witnessed by the teacher and how many need more or further evidence from students via writing or other approach?  And can we use more formative feedback rather than constantly using summative feedback?  I have found that I tend to ask a lot of my G7’s, they are subjected to questions and surveys; to group assessments and feedback as well as my formative notes and observations that are then commented on and given to students.  I know that this is too much for many to cope with but I want to find out what others do and how you assess Personal Engagement in PE and your MYP school – and do you have a scope and sequence to help me to sway over my department.  I have discussed this issue with other MYP subjects that have Personal Engagement or Reflection as part of their set assessment (Math/Language A and B/Arts) and they also have some issues with reflection and having interesting ongoing and meaningful conversations and also with rubrics where we are really assessing higher level thinking and learning not just looking for “what can I do better/what did you do well” type questions.

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