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Health assessment

Eat five fruits or vegetables a day by Stefan licensed by CC NC SA

So, this year our PE department will drop two of our school-used/developed Criterion and focus on one only [1. We have decided to do this as we don’t teach enough lessons/unit to make it worth having a summative test or assignment.  Some units align very nicely with other PE units – like Fitness – and so we have decided to use the Criteria A (MYP) Use of Knowledge rather than a school-only criteria.].  This criterion has to do with social skills/interaction in the classroom and communication.  The question we are trying to answer is how do we assess this in a meaningful way and how do we ensure the students are engaged and participating in a series of lessons that are not being graded in a summative way?

For my Grade 7 students I am intending to trial using and also quizlet as two ways to put work together that is meaningful but also to watch the kids work on lesson-culminating tasks.  I am also intending to use our MS PE blog and to look at a spreadsheet where the teachers (and students?) agree on behaviours we expect to see in our Health lessons and to mark it off when we see them in action.

I would be interested in knowing what others do in this sort of situation and how you feedback to students on how they could improve in this type of criteria and what you suggest to parents as well.


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