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Innovative Grant

iPad unpacking by ntr23 licensed by CC NC SA

For the last year or so, I have been working with some colleagues to try and get our school and PE department more mobile.  I have bought my own iPad3 and have been trialing it in different ways and have loved what it brings to my lessons and my students.  I am encouraging my Technology director to come and see this in the field so that he can see first hand what can happen with just one iPad and a PE lesson that is ready for it.

This year our school has decided to offer some Innovative Technology Grants – some money for those who can put in a submission discussing what you need and how this will transform your teaching and learning environment.  I have of course put in for some ipod touches or ipad mini’s depending on the scope of the budget and what we are able to provide in terms of tech support in Hanoi and at UNIS.  I am looking at some of the other people out there  who use iPad’s and also what they do, it is fascinating to keep up with what so many people have done in such a short time.

If you have anything that you would like to share on how iPad’s or mobile smart technology has changed or shifted your life and your classroom, please do share here.  Thank you to those who have already.  Some other places for you to look would be PE Geeks; iPad implementation at PLC;


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