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Noun Project – ideas


The Noun Project was first suggested to me by @chamada for icon and style ideas while developing some app icons.  I now use it as my go-to for any picture, icon or for inspiration along with flickrcc to collect ideas for my classes.  I like to use Word Galleries* in my lessons as they keep students moving and talking.  I am moving in a big way away from me talking and having as much student voice as possible in my lessons.  Anyway, I have decided to use the Noun Project in my Grade 8 Alcohol unit.  I will use this as a part of the process of us creating a statement/logo/graphic for us to then use as a template to spray paint onto posters or to make t-shirts to share the messages of staying smart and staying safe. I am going to use Google Presentations to give each student a slide and have them choose a background colour; and then up to 3 icons or images from Noun Project to get their anti young people drinking message across.  We will then vote and go with the one that we all agree sums up our ideas and slogan.

I hope that you will find inspiration from here as well.


* Word Galleries are used to introduce or to sum up a unit.  I print off up to 20 A4 pictures or words or something that is linked to the unit and then students spend up to 30 seconds with a small group/partner looking at the gallery piece and discussing it before moving onto the next.  They work around the “Gallery” (classroom) discussing their thinking or the vocab or whatever.  I have also used youtube clips or advertisements or music to add other elements to the gallery as well.  Usually I leave the Gallery up for the unit.  I also like to refer to it, ask them to choose one poster that they clearly understand and then one they don’t and have them discuss or ask questions.  A very useful tool.

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