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SprintTimer – T&F Day Review

Bad position

Bad Position by Kennymatic licensed by CC BY

I am following on from my last post reviewing some apps that I trialled on my recent Track and Field days.   You can read back about the ideas here and the first app here.




SprintTimer is a very nifty app created by Sten Kaiser.  It allows you to take photo finish images at the end of your sprint or relay events with high quality images to share with your school community.

I should have had more of a play of this app prior to using it on the day.  It isn’t complicated, but there are multiple settings you can choose from and depending on the type of event and the time being run and how you want to see your photo, you need to know how to set up to get the image you want.  The app is very professionally set up and if you had no other equipment, you could very easily capture your whole Track event (heats/finals/relays) within this app as it easily links to your Start Gun (or manual start) allowing you to record the time and time delay in every photo.

Here is one example from our day here.  I edited it in PicMonkey.  This picture was taken over a 10 second time frame.  I set the app to run for 10 seconds, started and then captured the first 10 seconds of the end of the race.  In it’s full size, this image has the time delay at the bottom so you can see exactly what the splits were as the girls completed their race.  I didn’t add the finish as a marker, but you can edit the image to show the finish line, and then add time markers for each finisher in turn so that their time is recorded.  I will use this again and to further add to the SEPEP idea, it would be great to have kids record the finish of each event.  I thought if we had 2 iPods running, as one student captured the race, the second person could edit the photos to show the finish line and finish times and then send them to a Dropbox account to be shared on School websites as well as on Social Media for the event.

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