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#PEHangout 2 – Concepts

I am very excited to share our second PEHangout via Google Hangouts.  If you missed the first one you can check it out here. We are all now getting the hang of this technology (almost) and it was really great to start talking about Concepts with the panel.  Alex Thomas, Jarrod Robinson and I (with support from an internet-down Ken Forde) chatted a bit about what we get up to in our PE lessons and started circling the really big topic of Concepts and how we see this within the contexts of our classes.  It was clear by the end that we felt there are three areas that we focus on with our kids:

1. Performance and Knowledge (which could be two parts really)

2. Sports Concepts – eg. spatial awareness

2. Life-long Concepts – eg. team work, perseverance, learning style etc.

Our next discussion will centre around Concepts and looking at some assessment examples both using YouTube clips in the Hangout and also looking at some rubrics and documentation.  If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them.  We are also looking for a few expert from the Asian’ region on Concept driven learning, if you feel that is you, please let me know.


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