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Emails taking over all of your time….?

Emails can take over my life.  I find that when I get back from teaching in the Gym, pool or out on the Field that suddenly my Inbox is very full and it really exhibits a physical response from me (blah!)  I hate sitting at my desk.  I really dislike filtering my emails, this is especially the case when I receive emails that I shouldn’t have had in the first place.

You know what I mean, notifications to something or a CC or BCC on something that isn’t anything to do with you.  An ‘all staff’ email that didn’t need to include you or a ‘I am selling’ this email that shouldn’t have been sent!  These emails clog up our inboxes and cost us time when we should be focused on cute cat videos our students.

So after some reading, I wanted to share with you some great ways to start or to renew your life if email is taking over.  I suggest that you carefully share these ideas with your workplace, I have found that people get very upset when you begin any discussion about the number of emails or preferred email protocol, everyone has something to say!

Seth Godin has my favorite email check-list and Edudemic has one of the best inforgraphics on ‘should you send that email‘.  I suggest printing it out and sticking it up in prominent places!

I shared both of these with the staff at my school, and made note that as it was the end of the year and we were VERY busy, that perhaps people could be kinder to us and consult these email-reducing ideas, most people seemed to learn something about emails in the workplace (and beyond).

Image: Envelope by Tim Morgan licensed CC BY


  • Logan Kirkland

    I found this blog to be helpful to me. I plan to print out the email checklist and put them in a place to be able to refer to when needed. My ultimate goal as a teacher and coach is to give my students as much of my time as possible. This will help me to do that. Thanks, Logan Kirkland.

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