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PE Minutes – Survey Results

PE Minutes are precious and I haven’t met a Physed Teacher who wouldn’t like to have more of them each day or week or month with their students.  A few weeks ago I asked the PE community online to share the number of classes and the minutes/week they had in their PE classes from Early Learning to Grade 12.  In the Gallery above, you can see the results of the survey.   Now, the sample size isn’t huge, with some emails and Twitter sharing I had about 30 people respond for themselves or their departments.  I would like to share these results to let others think about what their PE classes have, what others have and to reflect and share about the ways in which they might use these results.  Please let me know if you would like more.

Doug Gleddie shared the posters below with me.  They show how minutes PE gets in schools in Alberta, Canada.  The charts are really informative, I wonder if we did one like this with our International schools, what we would show.  If we did, I would really like to compare my school with another PYP and MYP school of similar size to see more meaningful comparisons.

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