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Interval timer – a volleyball example and reflection

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Seconds pro app on iTunes

I wanted to share an app that I have started using called Seconds Pro.  It is free to download and then you can pay to purchase the full version, and it is a circuit training or interval training app.  I have been using it as a warm up for some of my less aerobic impact units (like volleyball).

Today my G7 class had their volleyball lesson.  Before the lesson I set up a Circuit with 1m30s interval/ 10s rest/ 40s interval and I set it for the desired number of repetitions.  I then had my class split up into 4 groups (with 4 in each group) and I prepared and set up 4 stations in each corner of our Gym.  These were a medicine ball exercise, jump rope, hockey planks (students assume the plank position opposite a partner and need to then tap an indoor hockey puck between their partner’s arms with the partner trying to stop them) and an agility station.   The students had to complete a volleyball task (which I called out 1-2-4 people involved with one ball) for 1m30s and then they had 10s to get to the corner of the Gym for their circuit exercise for 40s.  I set up music to go with this session so the music changed and the app made appropriate noises so the students knew when to do each activity.

This was a handy warm up, the students were actively engaged and I could sit back and watch them drill and do the activities without having to hover near the iPad or stop watch or blow my whistle.  I could coach and interact with the students as they went along and they got quite a good workout in 15 or so minutes.  Seconds Pro (paid) allows you to save your circuits each time, so I can re-use the ones that I create which is pretty handy when I have multiple classes of the same lesson coming through, and it is really quick and easy to do.  The app allows you to also add L and R side (so if you are doing an exercise first on the Left and then on the Right, it makes adjustments for this); you can colour code so you can see the visual change too – and I would project this up on my screen in our Dance Studio space for all to see the time count down – sadly not in our gym at the moment.

The game drills and circuit drills was an idea shared with me by my colleague, Kathleen Buehler and it was great fun to implement in our class today.  Let me know if this sounds like something you might try.

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