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#newYISgym – renovation and suggestions

school gym 3School Gym 3 by Tim Suess CC BY SA

This summer I will vacation away from Yokohama, with my family, and when I get back in August a brand new refitted YIS School Gymnasium, Dance Studio and PE office will await me.  I am bubbling with excitement but it is also with some reserve as I did this at my last school (well, a new gym not a refurbishment) and we learned pretty quickly about hindsight and how wonderful she is.

I asked my #physed community this week if they were about to be as lucky as my school is, what would they wish for in their gym?  Now, our gym is only a basketball court in size, we don’t have a lot of room for storage and we are limited by strict building code here in Japan (not as strict in Hanoi, Viet Nam), and our very particular neighbours.  Our office is very small, a swinging cat would not fit, and we are adding a member to the space = 5 teachers in a very small office.

This is the list of comments and ideas that came from #physed teachers this week.  Please let me know if you want to add to it.  A big thank you to all that commented and contributed pictures of their current set up – all very interesting.

I will of course share some photos with you in August of our new PE home.  I dare say it will be another 40 years before they go around again – so an exciting phase for the school and for us as the PE teachers in faculty at the moment.


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