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PE – online course – what would it include?


Dreaming of Cycling by Marja von Bochove CC BY

Asking a teacher to keep on learning should be an easy sell – but often it is difficult to make the time to get back on your bike….

Online courses are nothing new.  I completed my MA online through a University in NSW, Australia, it was hard work but I relished in being able to complete my studies and not have to attend workshops and lectures and waste time travelling.  I missed some aspects – the ability to discuss face-to-face with my classmates and to talk things out with my teachers, but as I was living in Tanzania at the time, this was the easiest way to study.

A few years later and I am looking at writing an online course that I can facilitate for teachers or those interested in PE.  I would like to do this as my PD over the next few months and then see if we can open it up for sharing in Aug/Sept.  I am working with Michael Boll (@Autismpodcast) at InnovatedPD  to put together a course that will meet the needs of  “An Introduction to Tech In the PE Classroom” and then possibly another level after this, depending on how this course goes first!

I am interested in knowing what PE teachers (or others) might like to learn from an online course and so would like to ask for your input.  Please can you let me know in this survey if the topic I have listed would appeal to you and if there is something else you would like to learn about?  Would you take this course?  Would you pay for the opportunity?  or for a certificate?

Thank you for your time.


  • mhamada

    Thanks Michael, the responses so far are very varied, shows that there is a lot that could be covered. I am looking forward to a few more from the #Physed and #Pegeek community and then I’ll be ready to go! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Michael Boll

    Nice work Mel! What a great idea. Since you have such a large following this is such a super way to poll your pals and see what they think. Nothing like feedback!

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