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SEPEP – reflection on G10 unit – Part 2



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After some feedback and questions, I wanted to update with some more sharing on our HS Student run SEPEP unit.

Dr Ash Casey (@DrAshCasey) asked me after my initial reflection on SEPEP about the focus of our unit – clearly not a skills focus.  The PE Dept at YIS is a little unique, our focus is multi-faceted but in every unit we are looking at student engagement and team building as much as we are skill progression and drills.  Our goal at the moment is to look at our vertical alignment of the strands we teach (eg. invasion games, net games) and see if we can invest our time in ensuring that the unit outline/major guiding questions and content not only is age appropriate but that it is structured to ensure that we are growing minds looking at concepts bigger than just PE.  The MYP offers this as its framework and we are confident with the Next Chapter and changes to the MYP that we will make our PE program bigger and stronger with time.  You can see what I am talking about here in a previous post.

Now, I wanted to share with you where the G10s were up to this week.  We have had two lessons that they have organised for their pre-tournament.  They wanted to have a chance for 2x round robin games for seedings so that they can do a knock out at the end.  The students designed this google doc for keeping scores, I was impressed!  The score add up automatically and the tabs at the bottom are colour coded for ease.  The students were excited about this and they printed out copies (or used smart phones) to keep a track of where they needed to be and when. I had to smile when one of the Sports Board said to a Captain “please can you go and ask the girls to come out of the change room, we need to start on time today” – the shoe is definitely on the other foot!

The students also wrote their own assessment TSC’s and Blake Kampen (@mrkampen) asked me to share them.  I have them here.  Now I will add that we tweaked the Performance one a little as they didn’t have the skill progression to add, but for my G9 students we gave them the complex and basic skills on different pieces of paper and asked them to decide what the continuum is/was to allow them to see the difference between basic and complex skills.  I was really inspired by the way they got this work done.  They know how they are being assessed and they are on fire.

I look forward to sharing the final tournament and celebration with you next week.

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