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#PhysEdSummit – Saturday 25th October


The PhysEdSummit is an online Google Hangout type conference designed to allow PE teachers to share with each other online over a specific set of topics.  There are a number of different 1 hour sessions you can sign up to attend, and these are led by a specific person and mediated or facilitated by another to allow time for discussion but also to keep things moving along.

The first time this is going to happen is this weekend!  The schedule can be found here.

I have been talking with Naomi Hartl (@misshartl) and Matt Pomeroy (@PhysEd_Pomeroy), two of the most generous and amazing PE teachers I have got to know, and I have been fortunate enough to come on to #PhysEdSummit to discuss Teaching Games for Understanding.  Now, I am not the person who invented this topic nor do I claim to be an expert in it – but I do use it often (in fact in every invasion games unit) and have found amazing changes in my students and in my teaching practice.  I am coupling this with Visible Thinking Routines and have blogged about this journey here.  I am looking forward to learning and sharing with the mostly US crowd this weekend.

A big thank you to the gang (Matt, Naomi, Sarah and Adam as well as those I don’t know yet – Collin and Jonathan) for allowing me this opportunity.  Maybe next time though we could do it at a more decent hour for those of us on this side of the World!



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