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PhysEdSummit #1 – It’s a Wrap


Last weekend ago I was so excited to be a part of the PhysEdSummit which was hosted as a series of Google Hangouts late into my Japanese night (breakfast time for USA #Physed folk) by the very amazing Physedagogy team.  If you didn’t tune in, don’t panic!  You can catch up on the program here and if you want to see my Google Presentation without the Google Hangout session narration, you can see them here.   I am planning to do some more PD and watching over the next month.

I wanted to share that the progress being made in PE is a great step for those in the profession and the ease at which we can now share online is so good for sharing across time zones and for sharing quick PD and for not arriving at a conference and possibly realising that your money may not have been well spent.  If you are watching a google hangout and don’t like the content, you can cut off!

Matt Pomeroy was a great guy to chat to for my TGfU presentation and I enjoyed sharing with him and learning about how he executes his best practice and then what he does in similar situations that I am in.  Having a Today’s Meet or back channel running allowed me to present and for people watching to engage by asking questions or posting their ideas for Matt and I to include in our discussion points which allowed for the conversation to be real and for us to really consider how others use TGfU in their classes to.

I wanted to share here that if you are interested in continuing this conversation, please use Twitter and hashtag #physedsummit or #TGfU or contact me @mjhamada or Matt @physed_pomeroy so that we can get back to you and follow the conversations.  While here, please note twitter users that #physed is a major hashtag, as is #pegeeks.  If you use them, there is serious follow and reading of these discussion forums and so what you post needs to meet the hashtag – if you are posting about PE good practice or Q&A or ideas, then use the #physed tag.  If you want to ask about Tech in PE or about using tech, please then use #pegeeks, they aren’t interchangeable hashtags.  Rant over.

Thank you everyone for your time, I look forward to seeing you at #PhysEdSummit #2!


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