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Teaching Games for Understanding & Visible Thinking Routines for #ACHPER15


Sports by David Pickett CC BY NC SA

This post shares the notes and links to resources from my ACHPER Teaching Games for Understanding and Visible Thinking Routines Workshop.  I presented this in Adelaide on Tuesday 14th April, 2015.

I created this Google Presentation but didn’t present it, but rather went through all of the notes listed here, but it is intended as my workshop plan and to give others a chance to consolidate the activities that we completed.

Other resources can be found here:

TGfU – Invasion Games Progression Questions

Coaching Question Starters Routine 

Learning Questions – resources from Mark Church and Pam Harper

Invasion Claim/Support/Question Routine example #1

Invasion Claim/Support/Question Routine example #2

Invasion Claim/Support/Question Routine example #3

My Presentation/Planning notes also have 3 slides of resources for TGfU and more if you are after more ideas on how to use these ideas in your classes.

A big thank you to Rick Baldock and ACHPER for inviting me to share ideas with other PHE professionals at ACHPER 2015.



  • mhamada

    Hey Kylie, it was so lovely to connect with you and to learn with you last week. You are doing some amazing learning with your students and classroom teachers. I would really like to encourage you to set up a blog (happy to help) and to share your learning out with the community so we can all benefit from your work. Thank you for taking the time to comment here and I hope you enjoy finding out what your students are thinking.

  • Kylie Newbold

    Hi Mel,
    Thanks for putting your presentation up on your blog. It has been good to re-cap from your workshop last week as I am preparing for the start of term. I am looking forward to implementing these visible thinking ideas and questions into my teaching practice.

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