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Screencasting Presentation from #ACHPER15


untitled by Andrea Perez CC BY NC

This post shares the Workshop notes and links that I gave at the ACHPER 2015 Annual Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

When I go to conferences and into people’s workshops, the main focus for me is to try and take something away that I could implement with my classes or my own learning tomorrow.  It might be something to use in a class, or in my planning to talk to my department about how we could use this but it boils down to Student Learning and how we can best improve and offer the best learning opportunities to our students.

For my Workshop (45mins) the main themes were:

  • What is Screencasting?
  • What are the main purposes we could use screencasting for in PHE to improve Student learning?
  • What screencasting app/s would work for these purposes?
  • How do I get started? – tips and ideas for a solid screencasting beginning.

Below is the Google Presentation that I used for this Workshop.

The List of Screencast Apps I discussed is found here.

Thank you to ACHPER for inviting me to come out and engage with PHE people – it was an amazing experience.

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