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#Physedsummit 3.0 – Getting Ready!


Last year I was very excited to present at PhysedSummit 1.0 in October.  It was a surreal experience to create an online presentation for others to be involved with and to chat to Matt Pomeroy as he carefully moderated my session for an hour late in the night.

The PhysedSummit has grown and now in it’s third running, offers quality Physed Professional Development for free over a 24 hour period.  All presenters were required to submit a proposal for their 1 hour session and the Physedagogy team have selected the presentations and have been closely working with presenters to ensure that the work offered is of the highest quality.  You can find the full list of presentations by RSVPing for the Summit – you do not have to commit to watching all of them!  But this will allow for you to see the full list available this weekend.

Here are some of the reasons that I would suggest you check out what is going on:

  • PE PD is available up all around the World but it is hard to find a conference that offers a full variety of topics that interest each person.
  • The PhysedSummit allows you to pick and choose the topics that interest you and to engage with the presenter/s and the other interested participants to have richer conversations from your own space
  • It is free to be involved – you can have access to some of the best and brightest PE people who are pushing the boundaries for free!
  • Each Presenter and the Physedagogy team are all on Twitter and other social media, you can check who they are and ensure that they are the right fit for your learning and you can grow your PLN along with them.
  • Presenters have been asked to include ways to involve the audience and to use technology in a way that engages others – it will be fun to see what we can take from here back into our own schools and classes
  • No-one is being paid to contribute, there are no hidden financial agendas or people selling you something – it is all about practice and ideas that people are currently engaged with.
  • The power of CrowdSourcing is huge and PE is leading the way – with everyone’s involvement and opportunity to share, we can ensure that we are keeping people accountable and sharing our best practice – and critiquing and questioning how people are teaching and learning so that we can grow and learn together
  • As a presenter, I feel this is a great way for me to reflect on my practice and it allows me to share what I am doing with others and to engage in conversations beyond my department and school.  This kind of PD is great for 1-PE teacher schools or small or isolated PE departments looking to connect with others online.
  • The topics are very varied and appeal to not just PE teachers – the twitter feed seems to suggest that many non PE folk are signing up and are asking their students to be involved too.  This is a great way to think about pre-service teachers, current students in school and others who are interested in the idea of curriculum balance or Outcomes based instruction or Flipped Classroom or Inquiry cycles….. there is a lot here that is being shared that would appeal to many in Education and beyond.
  • It is a humbling moment to share what you are learning with others and to take the risk to be involved in a wider conversation – one that people can continue to watch or to go back and critique later as it is forever available on YouTube – it is important that we open ourselves up to discussion so that we can truly believe in what we are doing and/or learn from our mistakes in the field.

This year I have teamed up with Mark Williams from and International School in Singapore is about ‘Asking Essential Questions in Physed’.  Mark and I have chatted and shared on Twitter for a while now and met up in Australia at the ACHPER conference in April.  It was clear that we are both very passionate about Inquiry in PE and it was great for me to meet Mark and learn from his vast experience in this area.  We have decided to have a conversation through both a Google Presentation and Tozzl that we hope will engage our crowd (hoping for some people to be watching and sharing!) on the topic of Essential Inquiry questions and how to develop them in PE, learn how Teaching Games for  Understanding (TGfU) fits into Inquiry learning/teaching and to share some of the examples we have and to learn from others about what they are using and what they are up to in their classrooms.  I really hope that we can engage with a number of people live online.  We are running this session on Saturday night 9pm New York Time (this is Sunday morning for those of us in Asia/Australia).  The talented, Naomi Hartl will be moderating and will be quick to share commentary or questions/concerns along the way. You can check the time conversion here.

If you have any questions or would like to jump in and share a resource or other, please add a comment here so that we can add it to the presentation!


  • mhamada

    Thanks so much Blake, am super excited, thank you for your support. I hope all is well for you back-to-school after Winter break.

  • mrkampen

    Looking forward to checking this out Mel! Good luck with it, not sure ill be up watching live but will tune in at some point for sure

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