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APPEC – TGfU and Visible Thinking Routines


November 15-16th the first Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference will take place in Hong Kong at the HKIS campus.  There is a lot of buzz around this conference and I am looking forward to going and meeting up with a lot of #Physed people that I have been working alongside online (through Twitter) but now get the chance to meet in person and learn with and from.

I am presenting on two different workshops – the first is on Teaching Games for Understanding and the use of Visible Thinking Routines as a part of determining what students think as they go through our work as teachers.  I have been greatly inspired by working with others in using Game Sense and Essential Questions in my teaching and the additional use of VTRs has added a dimension to my assessments that enables me to get formative feedback from my students on their thinking every lesson and has established a community of collaborative peers who are quick to share their ideas as we discuss and analyse our game play.  You can find my (too) detailed Notes and explanations here from this workshop.  The link is here if you want to see the Google Slides.


  • mhamada

    Thanks for sharing Lisa, it is always great to have your ideas reaffirmed by what others are doing with student learning as your focus!

  • Lisa

    Thanks for running this workshop at APPEC Mel – it was great to re-affirm some ideas we are already running with and see how to integrate some visible thinking routines into the mix as well.

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