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PhysEdSummit 5.0 – Putting the Feed-back into Feedback

The physedagogy team have been hard at work and last weekend the PhysEdSummit 5.0 rolled out around the World.  This initiative aims to provide quality Professional Development to PhysEd teachers anywhere you can get wifi with free online sessions that allowed you to either actively be involved during a session (ask your questions, share your experiences or take polls or share resources etc) or to go back and watch the sessions and contact presenters via a variety of social media avenues.  The opportunity to get involved was very impressive and as we are scattered all over the place, the timezone changes meant that at any time, there was a good variety of people online taking part or now catching up with sessions missed.

I was fortunate enough to work with two PE people that I admire to collalborate to share two sessions this weekend.  Firstly I was able to work with Adam Llevo who is a very passionate PE teacher currently in the UK – Adam is very Google focused and has lots of great ideas for how to use Google as well as other apps to assist you in your daily classes and lives.  Our focus here was to share a lot of take-aways for how technology could assist you in a variety of ways.

The SAMR model helps for teachers to think about how they use Technology in their spaces.  If you aren’t familiar with it – check the image below or watch the 120second video under that.

Adam and I worked to try and come up with a variety of Feedback tools that would work within the different levels of SAMR but more to transform your thinking of how you give feedback to students.  Our currency is Student learning and technology tool we can use to work to improve the type and way we offer feedback to students.

It was amazing to present our session together and to hear from a large number of people really interested in these ideas.  If you are interested in watching the session you can see it here, all links to our notes and google slides are also included.

A big thank you to the PhysEdSumit team for all their assistance and guidance as well as the time taken to offer such a diverse range of FREE PD to our profession.

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