ConnectedPE – Teaching Games for Understanding/ Visible Thinking Routines

This post shares the notes and links to resources from my ConnectedPE 2016 Master Class on  Teaching Games for Understanding and Visible Thinking Routines.  I presented this in Dubai, UAE on Friday 7th/ Saturday 8th of October.  A big thank you to all involved in making this Conference such a powerful learning experience – big shout out to Jarrod Robinson for making this happen!

When I participate in conferences and take part in people’s workshops, the main focus for me is to try and take something away that I could implement with my classes or my own learning tomorrow.  It might be something to use in a class, or in my planning to talk to my department about how we could use this but it boils down to Student Learning and how we can best improve and offer the best learning opportunities to our students.

I created this Google Presentation and gave it as a webinar for the ConnectedPE community and then we went through it as a practical class together in our session and it is a place to come back and review and find the links  post-workshop.

There is a Google Drive Folder here with all the document links that I have used through this Workshops.

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