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Professional Learning Part 5 – Lessons 3-6

Redux 2016 – Summer Olympic Sports by Charos Pix CC BY NC SA

I am really excited for lesson 3 where we will look at setting up student focused skill pull outs.  I am planning to use a Must, Should, Could priority system where students will play another series of games and then complete a Heat Map of court usage from a observational partner who is watching one of our Pyramid games.  The student will map for 2 minutes where their partner is moving on the court and then for 2 minutes make a note of where most of their shuttle shots landed/were hit.  I am hoping that between the Lesson 2 front/back games and ready position/foot work provocation as well as this Heat map sharing and Lesson 3 Side/Middle TGfU games that students will be able to accurately put together their priority list of practiced skill needs for the next 3 lessons.  My aim is to have optional warm ups that the students can choose from (including shuttle bouncing stations for coordination/ single game hitting) and then into 2x 4 minute games against people from the playing Pyramid to get warmed up for game play.  Pair and Share observations about their game play.  Then 2 x 10 minute skill sets where students can choose from their priority list about which skills to practice – ready position/footwork / service/ smashing/ clears/ drop shots and forehand/backhand hitting.  My hope is that with data and time pressure that students will have to prioritize their needs and will need to focus on either upgrading or learning new skills or practicing their current skills.

I was fortunate enough to have someone reach out and share some well organized and set up skill posters through Voxer. They are amazing skill progression posters with QR codes to YouTube videos for different levels and differentiated for beginners/ intermediate and advanced players within each skill.  I am just hoping that the iPads work in our spaces!  I have tested each QR code and each video is appropriate for our learners.

Then we will play a series of different types of games to gauge progress.  I will video the students in Lesson 4 and Lesson 6 to see where they are up to allowing me comparison from lesson 1.  I also plan to watch student singles games in lesson 4-5 and ask them another Claim/Support/Question about what makes them effective  players (or not) with evidence from the game play.  I hope that these conversations and skill set ups will allow for a personalized focus within the Game Sense model.  I am also planning to play students as part of this work and to make them move about the court more than they might have if playing their peers – I am not awesome but good enough to make students move and think more about their shot work and ask them questions as we go along.

Throughout this process I will model and hold students to high standards of personal and interpersonal skills.  We are learning about Constructive feedback loops (say something positive/ constructive detail/ positive detail) and how to respond to feedback (thank them/ ask clarification or follow-up where necessary and /or offer a return detail).  We thank each other for games, we treat each other with respect and we expect to be treated with respect.  I am playing in games where I need to to see skill and strategy and to talk to students and gauge their understanding of game play as well.

I am hoping that some of these practices – lesson 1 capture of data/ setting up of lessons around the information I can get from that original lesson and the Conceptual/Inquiry/TGfU cycle will be beneficial to my students.  I am also keen to grow their knowledge and see where the divide between what they understand and how they actually execute the work links together.  

Anyone else with Badminton information to share?  I would love to hear of your lesson progressions.

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