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Taking the time to consolidate the learning

The new academic year has begun and with this comes a look at where to place some intentional focus for my own learning this year. Last year we used a pilot program to create teacher-driven goals that were supported with data that we were asked to collect from our students and colleagues/peers and to spend time identifying area/s for growth (or extending ourselves). I spent time reading articles, refining my craft, reflecting and reaching out to my PLN and trying new things and talking to my students about what I was trying to do and getting more data and feedback.

Today I have taken time to fill out a pre-goal survey to see what stands out to me – I have included the survey here for others to consider (thanks to ISB for allowing me to share it here). Each of the following come under the headings of the Tripod 7C’s framework – which our school decided upon as our framework for conversations and feedback from students. Each C has it’s own criteria and some prompts to guide your thinking – we used three different tick boxes (rarely, somewhat, to a large degree).

Based on my self-reflection, I feel that the areas of strength for me are Caring, Confer, Classroom Management and Challenge (in terms of differentiation but still a focus for me is my very strong elite-level skills movers and how to engage them in growing more in their craft).

Areas of growth and thinking and looking at the way I use time in my lessons would be Clarifying and Consolidating the learning with my students. I would like to try and find some colleagues at ISB (and beyond) who would self-identify as being very strong in these areas that I could potentially meet with to see how they plan their lessons and then sit in on a lesson or two to see how they do this – I am keen to be much more explicit with my students but not to take time away from being active and from being challenged and engaged with the activities and learning. Rather I hope that by being more intentional in Consolidating our learning that they may feel more aware of connecting the learning and understanding the assessment. I also hope that by being more aware of how to clarify the learning outcomes and instructions and challenges that ALL students will feel more comfortable and successful in my classes.

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