30-Day Challenge - Writing

Day 6: Gratefulness

Dale Sidebottom is an infectiously energetic man. He radiates happiness and joy and his want to be kind, well but also moving is clear in all of his intentions. I have very much enjoyed communicating with him on a number of things since eLearning began, and have really felt that he is working to empower PE and Health educators to be more in control during our current climate.

He has been putting out little videos and daily suggestions on Twitter and I wanted to write one of them out today. Write out Three things that I am Grateful for and share them.

Grateful #1: to my husband Clint. Thank you for all that you do that keeps our family laughing out loud. Thank you for the shopping cooking and of course technology advice and help you give so freely to us. It cannot be easy living in Australia with my parents when you are used to living in Beijing with our family and friends, but you are making the most of everyday and continuing to keep us all grounded and happy. You give so much of yourself to my silly training endevours and support the professional directions that I try and work out and then counsel me when I take on way-too-much and have a mental crash and burn. You are giving of yourself to each of our children while also supporting the needs of our teaching community in your role online. I am so very grateful to you – I am not sure I ever say it enough.

Grateful #2: to my parents. They have welcomed the five Hamada’s into their home with open arms and provide love and support to each of us as we need it. You care deeply about our welfare and make us feel like we belong here. Each of you take the time to make sure that each of us is happy, productive, engaged, has down time, is fed, clothed and loved. I am so very grateful for your parenting wisdom and the way in which you take an active role in bringing up our children too. Thank you for letting us live here with you. We are so very lucky to be so supported by you both.

Grateful #3: my children. I am in awe of the way in which you are learning beyond your school lessons. You are becomming bakers, self-directed athletes, better listeners, community advocates, you are connecting with friends and battling pokemon successfully. You make us laugh and cry and we are so proud of each of you for what you bring to our family and the way in which you are dealing with being out of our normal environment for so long and with very uncertain timeline of being back in Beijing. You are resilient, honest and are learning through failure too. Thank you for being so incredibly brave and diligent as well as supportive of your parents and grandparents and good to each other.

There will be more Grateful and Thank you’s in a different post this week.

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