30-Day Challenge - Writing

Day 15: Re-Certification

Three years ago, as we were touring through Queensland with our children, I decided to take the Google Educator Level 1 and 2 courses and exams and this lead to me diving in and applying for a Google Innovator training and an amazing trip to Stockholm.

I don’t feel that the work that I did post-conference was any good, my heart wasn’t quite in it but I did meet some amazing people and the vision that some of them had for their passion around technology and young people was and continues to be very inspiring and it has led to some life-time friends and colleagues.

I have just completed the recertification of these Google Educator exams and I am reminded how much I really love working with Google and their products. Clever. So clever. I wonder when we will get to work with Google Classroom again, man I miss it.

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