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    Teaching Games for Understanding & Visible Thinking Routines for #ACHPER15

    Sports by David Pickett CC BY NC SA This post shares the notes and links to resources from my ACHPER Teaching Games for Understanding and Visible Thinking Routines Workshop.  I presented this in Adelaide on Tuesday 14th April, 2015. I created this Google Presentation but didn’t present it, but rather went through all of the notes listed here, but it is intended as my workshop plan and to give others a chance to consolidate the activities that we completed. Other resources can be found here: TGfU – Invasion Games Progression Questions Coaching Question Starters Routine  Learning Questions – resources from Mark Church and Pam Harper Invasion Claim/Support/Question Routine example #1…

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    Screencasting – state your purpose, find your app!

    231 by Jaypeg CC BY NC Screencasting is the ability to narrate an audio (and sometimes a video of yourself too) over your computer or iDevice screen so you can talk and share your screen at the same time.  This can be a very valuable tool for sharing feedback or instructions/tutorials with your students. There are many different apps out there that will allow you to screencast.  The challenge is choosing the right one that you like and then learning how to use it.  I have found that the most important question to answer is: what is the purpose of your screencasts?  If the purpose is achieved in under 5 minutes and you don’t need…

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    ACHPER Net Games Article – Links

    ACHPER Australia invited me to write an article in their November 2014 issue about our recent Net Games unit in PE.  In that article I refer to System cards that we used for student inquiry. I would like to encourage other PhysEd teachers who are working on concept based or inquiry based lesson content to contact Rick Baldock (@baldyr55 or ) with their work, it is important that we continue to grow our global community full of good learning and sharing – this will empower and help us to learn from each other!  Rick is an amazing supporter of groups and individuals and I thank him for his patience and amazing editing…