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    Shiny New iPods!

    A few months back I began to campaign for an iPod trial in my PE classes at UNIS Hanoi.  Today the final four of my new iPod 5 Generations arrived and I have spent the last hour tonight plugging them in, syncing them up and preparing them for the first day of use tomorrow.  I feel like a parent preparing the children for the first day of school.  “What did you pack for them?” I hear you asking.  Well let me share a few of the various apps I have chosen for my first work this week.   Coaches Eye – Coaches eye is one of my favourite apps in…

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    We are having some great discussions at school at the moment around assessment.  It seems that our students are overwhelmed by summative assessment and to be honest so am I.  I have been trialing playing with more formative assessment this year and it is going well, but it still adds up to more marking and time away from feedback and advice in lessons (things slide when I am tired of marking…) but I thought it would generate some more questions.  I pondered whether I needed to offer a ‘large’ piece of assessment to students – could I offer smaller pieces of work over time and forego the summative big piece? …