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    Transition year – HS PE and Leadership

    I have finally graduated to HS! With some recruiting challenges at ISB, and issues around Visas and travel, I agreed to move into HS PE this year to fill a role working 40% with Grade 9 as well as 60% working in the Office of Learning leading up our school’s re-accreditation process. I have been super pumped about both of these opportunities, but still took the time to check in with my two HS children, as I felt it was important not to cramp their style… and my MS daughter, who was sad that I wasn’t there for her to drop in on in MS PE but is still able…

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    (almost) Back and Ready to go.

    The time has come. I have been actively burying myself in other tasks, worries and focus areas, but it is time to focus – school is going to start soon and I really need to be ready to go. I have been really enjoying having some 1990s alternative music on my running playlist and this song by Republica somewhat sums up some of the ways I have been feeling and thinking – being back, being ready to go, shouting it out that we are going to make it! But mostly about my mental state – I am trying to put aside the negativity and anxious feelings that sit next to…