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    Screencast for Grade 7 Gymnastics

    This month I have written an article for the ACHPER magazine (Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation) and will follow up with a blog post on their blog on this fantastic teaching and learning tool.  As part of this work, I would like share some of the screencasts created for my students from their very impressive Gymnastics routines. Screencasting Article for ACHPER – Examples of my screencasts made for students. Grade 7 Gymnastics – Example of a very strong group performance and screencast Grade 7 Gymnastics – Example of a mid-level group including Feedback from @clarindabrown – can be found here.

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    Volleyball Assessment – Knowledge and Skill work

    Like most PE teachers I cover Volleyball as part of my Middle school curriculum.  Volleyball is very hard for students to learn as they really do have to go to meet the ball rather than let the ball bounce, be passed or kicked to them, they have to learn to move like no other sport I know and the concept of the way this team works together also creates confusion. I used to teach volleyball with some modified games where students could have a bounce, but it became clear that this caused many problems once we tried to play.  Students were clearly moving away from the ball for a bounce,…

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    Burst Mode – T&F Day review

    My school recently held two Track and Field days – one for Middle and one for High school. As a tech type person I decided to trial some apps for sharing technique but more to capture some flavor of the events over the day. I found that it would have been more useful to have a clear plan of use for the day, which apps and how to really use them, as some settings were more effective for different events. I used my iPod 5 and I didn’t have internet access on our field, so no real time sharing happened. But I did share images with some students on the…