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    MS Sports day meets HS SEPEP – perfect harmony

      MS Sports Day – Bench-ball by Adam Clark CC BY NC SA Every school has it’s Sports Days.  At YIS we have a chronic lack of space and so the traditional Track and Field day does not exist and in its place is a Middle School Sports Day that sees students play a variety of team games to win points for their house. This year we changed things up a little to try and use the resources more effectively.  The PE Team decided on the Sports, offering a variety of choices to students based on the activities we had been doing in our MS classes and also a little…

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    SEPEP – reflection on G10 unit – Part 2

      Community by Ian Sane CC BY After some feedback and questions, I wanted to update with some more sharing on our HS Student run SEPEP unit. Dr Ash Casey (@DrAshCasey) asked me after my initial reflection on SEPEP about the focus of our unit – clearly not a skills focus.  The PE Dept at YIS is a little unique, our focus is multi-faceted but in every unit we are looking at student engagement and team building as much as we are skill progression and drills.  Our goal at the moment is to look at our vertical alignment of the strands we teach (eg. invasion games, net games) and see if…

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    SEPEP – reflection on G10 unit – Part 1

      Leader Lock by Sarah Joy CC BY SA A few weeks ago I began a SEPEP journey with my HS classes. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, please check out my original blog post where I explain the premise and share resources. We are four weeks (two to go) into our first Grade 10 SEPEP unit at Yokohama Intl School and so far things are really looking good. Students are arriving with a sense of belonging and are engaging in peer coaching conversation that is meaningful and relevant. Let me tell you how we set this up, with about 54 students and two playing areas, we needed to…