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    MYP #PhysEd and the inquiry cycle – Net Games for HS students

    Mastermind by Steve Berry CC BY SA YIS have adopted the MYP Next Chapter this year and this means that our PE Department are starting to sort out how our criteria have changed under the new guide.  My colleague, Alex, and I are quite into semantics, and can quite easily engage in conversation about what words mean and how we ensure our learners are truly connecting their learning to their assessment and feedback through the use of the key command words.  So far I am enjoying the fact that the new command words (eg. describe, explain, justify) are the same words that are found in other subject guides, this ensures…

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    Interval timer – a volleyball example and reflection

    Seconds pro app on iTunes I wanted to share an app that I have started using called Seconds Pro.  It is free to download and then you can pay to purchase the full version, and it is a circuit training or interval training app.  I have been using it as a warm up for some of my less aerobic impact units (like volleyball). Today my G7 class had their volleyball lesson.  Before the lesson I set up a Circuit with 1m30s interval/ 10s rest/ 40s interval and I set it for the desired number of repetitions.  I then had my class split up into 4 groups (with 4 in each…

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    Volleyball Assessment – Knowledge and Skill work

    Like most PE teachers I cover Volleyball as part of my Middle school curriculum.  Volleyball is very hard for students to learn as they really do have to go to meet the ball rather than let the ball bounce, be passed or kicked to them, they have to learn to move like no other sport I know and the concept of the way this team works together also creates confusion. I used to teach volleyball with some modified games where students could have a bounce, but it became clear that this caused many problems once we tried to play.  Students were clearly moving away from the ball for a bounce,…