Racing in the Beijing Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2018 – leading the women’s race pack to having a puncture and a whole village coming to help me fix my bike and complete the course.

Originally from Canberra, Australia, I have been fortunate to work in China, Japan, UK, Tanzania, Vietnam and Australia.. I have worked in the Elementary, Middle and High School as a Physical Education and Health teacher in the International Baccalaureate (IB) and using Ontario Standards.

Currently, I am living and working in Beijing, China at the International School of Beijing.

I am a triathlete and runner and love training and racing and am looking forward to new events and distances in China and beyond. I actively train both in and outdoors and coach students too.

I am a believer in Blue Dragon Children’s Fund (www.bdcf.org) who do amazing things in Hanoi and Vietnam working to support the ongoing work in advocating for children’s rights.

I am always interested to talk to others about PE and Health and the role that our subject takes in educating students, parents and our communities to be active, thriving members of our World.


  • Manu

    Hi Mel,
    I am Manu. I am a student from Spain (primary education). I am doing a research about visible thinking in PE. I need to get in touch with you to ask some questions. So, if you can, can you write me an email? Thanks

  • mhamada

    Hello Nadine – thanks for your comment and question. The short answer would be No. I am not familiar with the ePortfolio and only really dialogue with Mrs Lieke in Europe about MYP PE stuff. Have you chatted with her on twitter? I am sure that through her contacts and ECIS she will have some more names for you!.

  • Nadine Slavinski

    Dear Mel,
    I am a teacher at Munich International School trying to put together an informal meeting of MYP schools who have implemented the ePortfolio in order to exchange our experiences and ideas that would make the process more manageable for students & staff. Are you aware of any MYP schools in Europe who have run the ePortfolio? I have only found 3 so far! Thank you for your help.

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