Professional Sharing

I am a passionate Physical Educator. I enjoy working alongside others to share this love through a number of Professional sharing opportunites with Educators.

I have written articles for ACHPER magazine and worked to share Teacher practice and evaluation about Technology in Physical Education; Sports Days; Meaningful PE and Reflections on Pedagogy and practice working to share on these topics from both a current research focus but more looking at a putting-into-practice focus as a current MS Physical Educator.

I have Keynoted at the PE Institute in Ashville, NC., and at the PHASE Asia conference in Hong Kong on the importance of teachers understanding what Quality Physical Education looks like and sounds like and should feel like for our students.

I have given TED talk style presentations to parents at the International School of Beijing on “Why PE is the most important subject” the importance of “Multi-sport athletes” and on “Meaningful PE at ISB”.

I have presented in many conferences both in Australia and overseas on Game Sense and Inquiry, Visible Thinking Routines, Net Games, Striking and Fielding Games, Invasion Games, Coaching for Young Coaches and more. I have shared classroom presentations on Technology use, Beyond Physical Education and discussions on best practice and engagement within the school faculty.

Webinars are wonderful ways to share and learn from our armchairs. I have enjoyed presenting with the PhysEdagogy crew, Jarrod Robinson’s ConnectedPE, Dale Sidebottom on Jagar Life as well as ACHPER over the last few years.

I have also enjoyed sharing through podcasts, online workshops and webinars during our COVID-19 lockdowns and have spoken about teachers mental health, taking things slowly, working for long periods of time online and worked to create programs that are mindful of our students social emotional learning.

I have been fortunate to engage with professional mentors myself and also be a mentor to others and derive so much from these conversations and how they can factor into the teaching and learning that occurs in my classrooms.

If you would like to chat with me about Professional Conversations or sharing, please email me at