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    Get started using Screencasts in PE.

    Shout, Shout by Hebedesign licensed CC BY NC SA Feedback is any teacher’s essential tool. The challenge for any teacher, is to question how much do our students retain from our verbal (and as PE teachers, our physical efforts)? Does our feedback improve student performance? Does our feedback aid the understanding of a task? Do we offer feedback to all learning styles? How could we solicit more discussion about our feedback within our class? Recently a lot of research has been conducted on the the optimal ways to give feedback and the importance of this on student learning. John Hattie (Mayer et al 2011) is a leading voice in this…

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    Screencast for Grade 7 Gymnastics

    This month I have written an article for the ACHPER magazine (Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation) and will follow up with a blog post on their blog on this fantastic teaching and learning tool.  As part of this work, I would like share some of the screencasts created for my students from their very impressive Gymnastics routines. Screencasting Article for ACHPER – Examples of my screencasts made for students. Grade 7 Gymnastics – Example of a very strong group performance and screencast Grade 7 Gymnastics – Example of a mid-level group including Feedback from @clarindabrown – can be found here.

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    Who appraises or offers you Feedback?

    Two Faced Justice by Johnson Cameraface CC BY NC SA The dreaded word around the MYP PE faculty and classroom is ‘reflection’.  Do we have to do another one – really?  It seems you can tell when the end of a reporting period is up as the students are madly reflecting on everything they have learned and teachers roll their eyes in solidarity – reflection time again – please spare us.  I read Jen Hatmaker’s blog post on being the Worst End of School Mom Ever and took some of this away as I thought about how I end each of my units and how I watch the slog over reflections,…